VacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflator – 12V Air Pump Touchscreen for Car Bicycles Tires

VacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflator – 12V Air Pump Touchscreen for Car Bicycles Tires

  • Easy to use9.8
  • Easy to read9.8
  • Thickness9.6
  • Accuracy9.6
  • Built-in Light9.4
  • Cord Length9.0

This air inflator has a digital readout and automatic shutoff on pre-selected tire pressure is a dream come true. No more trying to read analog pressure gauges! Easy-to-use features, the light was bright and very easy to use. The cord is long enough to reach all auto tires from the car lighter outlet and can easily reach bicycles near the auto.

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9.5Overall Score

VacLife air pump for car tires is a great solution for emergencies which features a powerful motor to ensure quick inflating. Simply plug it into a 12 V power outlet and set your desired pressure. Start your inflating work with one button. If a converter is needed, it’s recommended to use a converter in accordance with the 120 W, 10 A specification.

The portable air compressor has 3 extra nozzles. Different nozzles allow you to inflate your bicycles, air beds, basketballs, and footballs, etc. Moreover, the 9.1ft power cord is long enough to inflate each tire easily. What a convenient tire inflator!

No more worry about over-inflating. VacLife portable air compressor for car tires shuts off automatically when your car tires reach the desired pressure. Besides, this compressor comes with a LED light that will work well for you at night. Keep your cars under the safe condition all the time.

9 Feet Long Cord

With the long power cord, the inflating work is much easier. You do not need to remove your air compressor from time to time. Save your time for inflating.

LED Light for Emergencies

The air pump comes with an LED light. You can inflate your car tires at night. Bright sight in darkness avoids any potential hazards.

Wide Range of Use

The air compressor is equipped with 3 additional nozzles. Different nozzles take care of your various inflating needs for your bicycles, air beds, soccer balls, etc.

The following are what customers said about Vaclife Air Compressor.

 Very Good Pump

Really good pump! Thought I’d get one due to a change in temperature when my tire light came on. It works really well and shuts off when tires reach the correct pressure. The built-in light is also a plus

Small but Powerful!! A+

It is a small but powerful pump! Filled my tires fast!! Very easy to use! Love how it shuts off when you reach your limit!

works as expected

The cord length is perfect for my mid-sized sedan. It works as expected. The only thing not ideal is that it doesn’t work with AC, so cannot work indoors for inflating other stuff.

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