Big Red Torin 2 Ton Jack Stands – Pair

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The Torin 2 Ton lightweight jack stands are used to support your vehicle after lifting with a jack. Constructed of high-grade forged steel with a welded frame design for durability, it handles a wide range of vehicles including small cars, SUVs, and light-duty trucks.

Adjustable height ranges from 10-13/16″ to 16-9/16″ with a 2 ton (4,000 lb) load capacity. The multi-position ratchet bar has a sawtooth design, allowing for quick height adjustments that lock into place. It features a large saddle surface area for better contact with the load being supported. A wide pyramid foot base provides added strength and stable support.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height ranges from 10-13/16″ to 16-9/16″
  • A 2 ton (4,000 lb) load capacity
  • Constructed of high-grade forged steel
  • Large saddle surface area
  • Meets ASME safety standards

It features a sawtooth ratchet bar with the dual purpose handle, large concave saddle and wide pyramid base for the added strength and stable support.

The following are what customers said about T42002 jack stands.

Working good so far

So far I’ve used these jack stands a few times and they’re working well. I bought the 3-ton jack stands, which is probably overdoing it for my cars, but I’d rather have more capacity and not need it, then not have more and need it. They seem well built and sturdy. These are tall, even in the fully retracted position, so I had to jack my car up pretty far just to get the stands under it, but that’s ok.

Good value

We needed these jack stands to hold up my hubby’s Fairlane to remove the wheels so we could replace all 4 tires. They were sturdy, stable and got the job done. Price was pretty good as well.

Sturdy – great welds

Unlike the spot-welds you see on cheaper jack stands, this is continuous beads that show quality. I trust these with my life. You can’t do better for the price, and you probably shouldn’t spend less on something so critical.

Great for cars

Good for cars. Even at max height they will be too short to get a decent lift height for most trucks and SUVs especially if you intend to be working underneath the vehicle and need the space. Even for a car I wish they were taller when Im underneath the car. Depending on what exactly you intend to use them for they can be a good value.

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