Esco 10498 Jack Stand 3 Ton Capacity – 1 Piece

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The ESCO 3 Ton Performance Jack Stand is designed with incredible quality and durability. This professional grade jack stand is perfect for your home garage or shop. Uniquely designed removable flat top rubber saddle protects the car frame better than the traditional curved axle post jacks stands.

You can also quickly and safely lock the position with the included locking pin. Circular base pads allow for maximum stability and safety. The stand has a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting.

  • Lightweight with a wider base
  • Adjustable height ranges from 11″ to 21.5″
  • 3 ton (6,000 lb) load capacity
  • Locking Pin
  • Large saddle surface area

The following are what customers said about ESCO 10498 jack stand.

Very sturdy jack stands with a FLAT top and rubber pad

These are very nice, heavy duty single locking jack stands, one of the very, very few that offer a thick steel FLAT top with rubber pad to avoid damaging unibody vehicles. They are locked by a beefy pin that engages the post in one of many drilled-thru holes. The post pin is secured with a locking ring that, while not the best I’ve seen, does the job to prevent any rare, inadvertent dislodging of the post pin. While not low cost, these jack stands are rated at 6000 lbs. EACH (that’s 12,000 lbs. PER PAIR) which is typically TWICE the load capacity of other jack stands that claim 6000 lbs. PER PAIR. When placed properly (especially on unibody vehicles), these jack stands with its robust build and wide tripod stance provides an extremely safe and stable platform for your raised vehicle (IF and ONLY IF you know what you are doing when hoisting a vehicle and place the stands properly). They are without a doubt one of the safest I have experienced to date.

I bought these primarily for use under a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan (unibody), a 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser and a 2019 Toyota Tundra (both body on frame). For these vehicles, the #10498 with its minimum height of 13.2 inches is an appropriate choice. Those reviewers that downgraded the 10498 because it is too tall to fit under their sedans should have paid more attention prior to purchase and selected the 10499 model with its 11″ minimum height instead of the 10498.

If you want to use these on pinch welds instead of underbody jacking points, take a look at some of the large jack pads from TMB with slots pre-cut for exactly that purpose (I prefer the grey polyurethane which is harder than the black rubber and can take heavier weight and/or longer use). These will save your Esco-supplied pads from being cut up by the pinch welds when the vehicle’s weight is bearing down on the pads.

10 Stars for Sturdiness

Amazing stands. I’ve used several styles of stands, from the old school pin style triangular stamped steel stands to more modern ratcheting stands, and these are leagues above any of those designs. When other reviewers say you can sleep under a car supported by these, they aren’t kidding. I have so much less fear being under a car with these compared to ratchet style stands.

The tripod style base and wide feet help with soft surfaces and preventing garage floors from damage, and the pin style design is super positive and secure. Make sure you get the stands with the 2 holes on the stand itself for a total of 10 positions. The older versions only had 1 hole on the stand and that meant only 5 positions available. Trust me, you’ll want all the positions you can get.

I will say the lowest height is a bit high, but the trade-off is a taller max height vs the Esco 10499’s, which are the smaller brother to these 10498’s. If you’ve got a low car or don’t plan to do major work under it, the 10499’s are probably a better buy, but for me, I’d rather have the ability to lift the car really high up and use the 10498’s. In the ideal world, I’d have 4 of each, but at ~$50-60 each, I didn’t want to invest that much.

If you value your safety above all else, get a set of 4 of these or the 10499’s and you won’t be sorry!

 Great for BMW. Definitely Need some consistancy.

I got these a few days ago, and have already used them, and I must say, On a BMW with pad adapters, these cant be beat. I was always worried with traditional ones , that the car would slip, and I dont feel like that is an issue here.

One downside, is they dont seem to make these in the same place, or even use the same method, materials every time. The finish is very noticeably different between two of them, and the safety pin is also different. The welds, while both look secure and well done, are noticeably different. The height, is about 1/8-1/4″ different on lowest setting (hole spacing does seem to be identical though, so that should be throughout the adjustment height). I am going to order another 2 to complete the set, but definitely pay attention, and measure them right out of the box to make sure, because im not confident they use any sort of regular measurements, looks like every one is made however who is running the line makes them.

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