Pro-Lift T-6906D 6 Ton Double Pin Jack Stands – Pair

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6 Ton Double Pin Jack Stands has the height adjustment mechanism that allows smooth upward movement while releasing handle locks and mobility pin. Double Pins design provides extra safety.

Pro-lift T-6906D is a 6-ton double locking jack stands. It features a high quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar and sturdy stamped steel base provide durability and longevity which makes ideal for home, professional, and farm use. Always used in pairs, counterweighted pawls serve as a safe secure locking device to prevent the load from accidental disengagement.

  • 6-ton capacity
  • Sturdy stamped steel construction
  • High quality cast ductile iron ratchet bar
  • Double locks mechanism – handle locks and mobility pin
  • Height adjustment mechanism
  • Lifting range: 15 inches to 23.5 inches
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/PALD standards

An attached pin lock provides support, locking the ratchet bar in place for an additional carrying point. One-piece, multi-position ductile ratchet bar provides strength and durability as well as a quick adjustment mechanism that securely locks into the desired position.

The following are what customers said about T-6906D jack stands.

Tall, sturdy, super useful for any work under the car. I wish I bought them years ago.

I bought these for doing some exhaust work on my car, and I have used them several times now. They are sturdy and solid. They are a lot more stout than the jack stands I used before, and they also go significantly higher which was the main reason I bought them.

When you are climbing completely under your car to work on it, you are trusting your life to your jack stands. 4,000 lbs of metal that will crush you if these fail. They are overbuilt enough that they give me confidence in my safety under the car. The metal is very thick and heavy and the double locking mechanism adds extra safety.

It is so much more convenient working underneath the car when it is higher up in the air. These things have plenty of height, I bought the jack with the highest lifting capability I could find and these jack stands are a perfect match. I don’t think I have even had them at their maximum height yet.

The pictures hopefully give you some perspective on just how high up in the air you can get a car using these.

Best bang for the buck

I did a fair amount of research looking for a double locking jack stand. I originally wanted the Omega (OME32068) 6 ton jack stands, but found out that Omega and Pro-lift are both under the same company Shinn Fu America. Which is why they look identical other than the paint job. Performance-wise, they are sturdy and I feel safe when I am using them.

Very sturdy and safe

These jack stands are the sturdiest and safest that I’ve owned, even others that were priced much higher. Most importantly, I cannot over-emphasize the safety pin feature. This is a must have. There are gruesome stories out there on the web about folks that have inadvertently hit the set handles with tools while working under the vehicle and dropping the car on themselves. Please don’t cheap out when it comes to buying jack stands with the safety pin feature… your life may depend on it!

You may click here to read over 1,540 reviews to better understand how this 6 ton jack stands would work for you.

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